Fogponics: the Future of Indoor Gardening

With Fogponics, an aeroponics based system, utilizing ultrasonic vibrations to create fog that flows through the system ensuring that each plant gets the proper amount of hydration without drowning the roots.

How it works

At the top, fresh air is mixed in, and the fog returns to the reservoir via the central tube inside the trunk.

Propelled up the trunk by the fan, it feeds all of the plants housed in the trunk sections

The ultrafine fog is generated in the reservoir by up to six piezo-electric transducers. The fog carries nutrient particles with it, in droplets perfectly sized to interface with plant roots.

Bimu uses a dynamic equilibrium of fan-forced, nutrient-laden fog to nourish the roots of your plants.

Grow in three steps

As simple as 1, 2, 3...

The Bimu app

Using the Bimu app you can track progress, start a new growth cycle, and receive important alerts so you never have to worry about adding water. The Bimu app for iOS and Android has everything you need to get the most out of Bimu.

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